Thursday, April 27, 2006

Earache means No Sleep

We managed to see our GP yesterday who prescribed antibiotics for Lauren. Apparently she has another ear infection. Last night she was waking every two hours crying; she needed lots of cuddles and milk. Her temperature was up again and I think she had earache. I hope she starts to feel better soon with the antibiotics. I have very little sleep this week!

When her temperature is down, she is a completely different baby capable of laughs and play.

Here's Lauren sitting in her new little chair and playing "fetch" with me. This game involves chucking all her toys off the side of the chair and giggling, as mummy picks them all up again...

I think you can see that she's still not quite her normal self though. She has little tiny suitcases under her eyes (and imagine what mine look like!).

Poor baby! I've taken the day off work to look after her. Mum and dad get here tonight so will be able to look after her for me tomorrow so that I can get back to work.

I'm lucky that my work is so understanding and that I can take time off when Lauren is sick. Unfortuantely, all my colleauges say that their children got sick a lot in their first year at nursery. Looks like this won't be the last time for my poor little girl.

Thank goodness the weekend is almost here! Dim sum at the fantastic Royal China in Bayswater beckons!

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Kim said...

I like the shiny teeth! I hope she feels better soon.