Friday, April 14, 2006

Missing Out

Today, Lauren has been standing up on her own at nursery! We were told that she was holding onto a ballerina rail attached to a wall and looking into the mirror. She has been standing up at home but usually requires support from one of us. I'm sad to have been at work and missed this.

However, I was at home when she said "Mamamama" a few days ago. I was thrilled! Jase is not impressed though; Lauren has yet to say "Dada" yet. He's been trying to coach her since then to say "Dada"!

Yesterday, we managed to brush her two little teeth for the first time. She has two very small lower incisors. At first, she looked a bit puzzled but soon was eating toothpaste quite happily. I had to smile!

She's feeling much better since her antibiotics finished. She is eating better and is laughing and smiling again. When I came home from work today, she was full of smiles and chuckles for me. What more can a frazzled mummy ask for?

As I write this, she is by my side chewing her feet with a big grin on her face. If you look carefully, you can just make out the two little teeth in one of the pictures.

Look at how happy she is! She is just such a joy and so special to us. We love her to bits!!

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