Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Night Fever

OK, I admit I spoke too soon.

Last night, poor Lauren woke up whimpering in the middle of the night. I'd already moved her into my bed (Jase got turfed!) earlier on because she was unsettled. When I reached out to her, I realized that she was really hot.

Measuring her temperature, it was 38.8 degrees.

Fortunately, it is coming back to normal with paracetamol and nurofen. She seems a bit more comfortable this morning, but that's now the third night in a row that she's run a temperature.

I've phoned our family doctor, but as usual in London I have to phone back at 3pm in order to book an appointment. No wonder everyone takes their children to hospital to be seen!

It's maybe just a cold. Last time, it turned out to be an ear infection and the Paediatricians told me I'd waited too long before getting her seen. Thing is, there is a fine balance between being a sensible mum and a paranoid mum. So much harder when you actually work for the Health Service too.

Of course, when I phone back at 3pm, there is no guarantee of an appointment!


I may have to join the hordes of mums taking their children to A&E after all...

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Jase said...

Of course if Serena does take Lauren to A&E I guarantee she won't have to wait 4 hours!