Wednesday, April 19, 2006

The Quest for Good Childcare, Pt II; Fun at the Park

This morning we arrived at Lauren's new nursery for the first of her settling in sessions. The purpose of these sessions is to introduce mum and baby to the carers and the environment of the nursery.

I parked the car, paid my ticket for parking and took Lauren to the nursery door - only to be greeted by the staff from the nursery with the unfortunate news that there was something wrong with the building today (not quite sure what, but they weren't letting anyone enter the building). So no settling in session and a 3 hours' worth of parking paid up.

I was beginning to think that Lauren and I were well and truly jinxed in our quest for good childcare.

Anyhow, we put a brave face on the situation as it was a gloriously sunny morning. Ravenscourt Park is close by, so Lauren and I went for a stroll in the park together.

Fun at the Park

I'd never been in this particular park before. I've driven around it and seen it from the road but had had no idea how big it was or how well equipped for children. There are large play areas with swings, slides, roundabouts, climbing frames and rocking frames. There are areas for ball games. There is even an area with a very large sand pit! And, of course, there is a large pond complete with ducks and geese.

Lauren had her first experience on a swing today. It was probably too big for her but I put my handbag behind her to prop her forward and this worked really well.

She loved the swing. I know she's not smiling in this photo but I think the sun was getting in her eyes! She did chuckle and kick her legs excitedly whilst I was pushing the swing higher.

Whilst we were there, I noticed a rather peculiarly shaped bird fly overhead (its long tail feathers caught my eye). When it settled on a nearby tree, I realized it was a green parakeet.

I thought tales of these birds living in London was an urban legend! I was clearly wrong though, as this BBC news article shows.

Now I can confirm my very own sighting in West London. They are indeed out there in the wild!

Later, we walked around the pond to look at the more usual types of birds found in London. The Canada geese got quite close to her pushchair but she did not know what to make of them. Maybe in a few months she will start to recognize different animals. I can't wait until she is old enough to appreciate a trip to the Zoo!


GF said...

Which photo?

Rena said...

Let me know if photos aren't showing properly and I will sort it out. :)

GF said...

I looked on the blog last night and could see the photos without a problem.

It seems though, that when I view from work they're not there. I think the server they are posted to via Blogger is blocked.

That'll be why I said "which photo?" - I was viewing from work. They look great when I saw them last night. :)