Tuesday, April 25, 2006

The Quest for Good Childcare, Pt III

I'm pretty tired after working the entire weekend and having a couple of disturbed nights with Lauren. Yesterday, I was looking forward to going with Lauren to her new nursery to settle her in after our false start last week. Bearing in mind last week's events, I had already decided to phone the nursery before setting off to ensure things were back to normal.

Unfortunately, as you can see from Jase's post, we seem to be doomed in our quest to find childcare of any kind (never mind good ones). I spoke with the carers (at present they are all working at the nursery's Fulham branch) and they did not know how long this dispute would continue. They also admit that the nursery could be closed down as a result. For the latest news see this link on the Chiswick website.

Back to square one. At least Lauren seems to be unaware of all the chaos.

Today, she has been playing in her baby gym and chewing some of her plastic covered books.

She seems to caught another cold so isn't quite as cheerful as last week. However, there isn't a high fever this time so I'm hoping it will sort itself out without a trip to the doctor.

She happily ate her breakfast this morning so seems to be coping. This time, she also seems more accepting of taking medicine and nasal drops which is good news.

I have to go now; she is getting tired and starting to cry. She's actually saying "Mama" with the crying! How can I refuse her, my little baby girl?

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