Wednesday, April 12, 2006

The Quest for Good Childcare

We've just spent the weekend agonising over childcare options. We got a phone call last week to say that the nursery Lauren attends (she has only been there 4 weeks) is going to close over the next 3-6 months. We were gutted.

I had spent quite some time looking around the nurseries in our area prior to going back to work to find "the right one" for Lauren. Like most mums, I wanted a nice environment with reliable and kind carers who can help her grow in safe and stimulating surroundings. I was really excited to find this nursery near our home with a fantastic and caring group of staff and enrolled Lauren.

I can't believe that they only just found out last week that the nursery was not financially viable; they must have known for some time. I just wish that they had told us this whilst we were being shown around. Now poor Lauren has only just settled in and was beginning to get to know all her carers and we have to pull her out and find a place in another nursery.

I've just enrolled her at my second choice nursery from the set of nurseries I had looked around before. I hope she likes it; my main concern is that it is a large nursery with a lot more children. When I looked around it felt like I was looking around a primary school. She's only 8 months' old and I don't want her feeling lost!


What can you do?

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