Wednesday, May 10, 2006

New Nursery

We have just come home after our second "settling in" session at the new nursery. Lauren has adapted to her new nursery really well. Today, she smiled and laughed with her carers and played with the other babies in the group. I watched her having some lunch and she seemed really happy and settled. She even managed to sleep at the nursery (which was a difficulty in the past when she wasn't used to other children and the noise).

To top it all, the nursery have just told me that I can get 25% off each month's fees for the nursery because I work for the NHS! Not often you get any perks with work, so this one was not only a surprise but very welcome in light of my massive pay cut with going part time. It's a real boost at a time when we are really worried about money and bills.

It will be Lauren's last week at her old nursery this week. We will really miss them; they have been great and we were devastated that they were closing. However, I am now hopeful that we will have a smooth transition to the new nursery and that it will be just as good as the old one.

Thank you to those of you who have been sending me comments on this blog and on the photo album; it is great that you keep in touch and that you are interested. Looking forward to sharing more of our lives with you!

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