Sunday, May 07, 2006

The Quest for Good Childcare, Pt IV; Getting Better and Happy Birthday Grandma!

Last Wednesday, we had a surprising phone call from nursery number 2 to say that they had managed to get their nursery back open despite getting evicted by their landlord (see Nursery Disaster and Quest for Good Childcare Pt III). Looks like the threat of legal action sorted out a few things. They have given me assurances that this will not happen again and that the nursery will not close.

This occurred just as we were making enquiries about nursery number 3. We had already left a message saying that we wanted to speak to them about Lauren and to look around but they did not ring us back to arrange these things. Maybe this was fortunate after all. I think it also reflects badly on nursery number 3 that they did not bother to follow up our call; either they don't care or they are full.

So after some discussion with nursery number 2 and each other, we have decided to go ahead again with nursery 2 and I will be taking Lauren there tomorrow to settle her in. Fingers crossed that all goes to plan this time!

Getting Better

Lauren still has a nasty cough which wakes her up at night. This has meant interrupted sleep for us - thank goodness for lie-ins at the weekends! However, despite her cough she is now eating again. Although her appetite is quite back to normal, she is at least 90% better.

This is Lauren eating banana on her own today!

I am now giving her vitamin and iron supplements to try to boost her back up after her various illnesses. I've received no word from our Health Visitor yet, so I will ring back on Monday to find out if I need to do anything more about her iron deficiency.

Over this last week, we have noticed that she is beginning to be able to pull herself up to a sitting position from lying down. She can now sit for several minutes unsupported before slowly toppling over to one side. She also reaches forward from a sitting position to grab toys which are out of reach.

She now likes spending time on her front (she used to hate it and cry whenever we put her on her front) and will prop herself up with her arms to look around. She hasn't quite figured out the leg thing yet though; she does dig the feet in but the pushing forward with the feet is not yet coordinated with any movement of the arms for crawling. It cannot be long before she figures it out and is mobile!

All this coincides with increasing good weather and sunny days here in London, so I am excited about the prospect of taking her to the park and letting her crawl around in the grass and play on the swings and things.

Speaking of the park, it is a lovely day today and we will be going to the park later I hope. She's asleep just now (mid morning nap) but when she wakes up and has had some lunch we will head out. I'm planning to take some nice photos of her in the park. So watch this space; photos will be posted this afternoon on our return. Some of you will have noticed that I am also reorganizing my online photo album; it will be complete soon.

To see photo album, click the link Family Photo Album or click on the Flickr Photos box or go to

Enjoy! Let me know if any of you also have photos on Flickr (or indeed have blogs or homepages) and I will post links to them.

Happy Birthday Grandma!

Today is my mum's birthday. She is up in Edinburgh this weekend; we will give her a ring later to find out how she's been and what she is doing for her birthday. Happy birthday mum!! Hope you have a great day - Jase, Lauren and I send all our love (and sloppy kisses) on your special day!

Don't worry, we won't tell them which birthday it is. At least it's another 2 years before the BIG one!!

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Good luck tomorrow with the nursery then!! - I hope it's the end of all the shenanigans....