Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Saying Goodbye

Lauren woke up this morning covered in a fine pink rash. The mystery of the cause of her high fever over the last week has finally been solved! She still has the diarrhoea but her fever is gone and she looks better despite the rash. It is most definitely a viral infection, likely a roseola infantum.

We are going to York at the weekend to prepare for Nana Mary's funeral which will take place a week today. I am hoping that we can help Jase's parents as I know that there are lots of things to organise in the run up to a funeral. I hope we can give them some emotional support too.

It really has not sunk in that she has gone. We only saw her a month ago, and whilst she seemed frail we had no clue that this was going to happen. I am sorry that Lauren will not have the chance to get to know her great grandma Mary better. Luckily we do have some photos and video of Nana Mary and Lauren together, which we can show Lauren when she is older.

I realised yesterday that I have never seen photos of Mary as a young woman or of her on her wedding day. I hope we can find some of these photos when we go to York. One day, I plan to show Lauren so that she can learn more about her family.

Here you can see two of my favourite photos of Nana Mary. The first was taken at Jase's 21st birthday party in York in September 1993. Mary is on Jase's right and his mum is on his left. In the background are some of Suzanne's best friends - Jase's "aunties".

This second photo was taken at Christmas 1994. I seem to remember it was a small party at Jase's parents' house in Clifton (York) with drinks followed by dinner. Mary is sitting on the sofa in the living room with her little dog Tegan and Paula, Suzanne's best friend.

Jase has been asked by his parents to do a reading at the service. He feels a bit nervous about it because he is worried about choosing the "right" thing but I know that it will all be fine. Whatever he chooses will be spoken with love; that is the most important thing when we come to say goodbye.


GF said...

I know it's not the point of the photos and for that I'm sorry, but how much does Jason look like Nick Berry in the first picture!??!?! Or is it just me?

Rena said...

Very good spot...I am so surprised that no-one else has commented on Jase!

All joking aside though, it was lovely to dig out some of the old photos to see the family in happier times.

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:)) xx