Saturday, May 20, 2006

Spotless and Smiling

Lauren has much better today. I would say that she is about 85% back to normal. Her rash is gone and she only has occasional diarrhoea now. Her appetite is unfortunately still not back to normal though. I've found that she will eat fruit but is still struggling with savory stuff. She's also not eating with quite as much enthusiasm as before.

Poor girl; she has been unwell with this far longer than previous bouts of illness. I've had to take the entire week off work.

I've noticed over the last few weeks that she has become interested in mirrors. We put up our bathroom cabinets last weekend (which have mirror fronts on them) and she now loves being in the bathroom and playing "peek-a-boo" with her reflection. She spent ages yesterday cooing at her own reflection whilst playing on her activity mat (which has a small mirror in the corner).

These pictures were taken today of her looking at our reflections in the living room mirror.

She still hasn't quite got to grips with crawling yet. She's now really strong and more confident on her front. She can prop herself up on all fours but then doesn't know how to get mobile. We've enticed her with putting toys just out of her reach to encourage her to crawl but she just looks frustrated! I don't think it will be much longer before she works out what to do though.

Recently, she's also started pulling herself up to a semi-sitting position from lying down whilst on her changing mat (most inconvenient when trying to change nappies with squelchy poo in them). She's also able to roll over onto her front and sit up unaided.

The most fun for her has been playing "drop" with items she's picked up and playing with her soft cubes. She can't build towers with the blocks yet but loves knocking down ones I've built for her. It's always a race between us; I build the tower as fast and as tall as I can before she notices and knocks it all over with a giggle.

She's also more able to demonstrate her needs now. She will hold her arms out to you to be picked up and when you do pick her up she often nuzzles into your neck for a hug or gives you a big sloppy kiss. She makes appreciative "mmmm mmmm" noises when you feed her something she likes to eat (just like daddy does!). And she calls out for "mamama" when she's sad.

Being a mum is really rewarding. Thank goodness my bosses are so understanding with Lauren's illnesses and have allowed me time off to get her better.


Bonnie said...

My how much she's grown since I've seen her last and what a little CUTIE!!! I'm glad that she's doing much better and showing off that adorable smile once again. I LOVE when she raises her little arms in the air like a little airplane and smiles so happily.

-Hugs and Kisses,

GF said...

Heya, the layout of this post looks really weird. Seems the background has taken over and makes everything hard to read.

Could it be the format of the photos or just a Firefox issue?

Rena said...

Not sure Gareth, may be Firefox because it looks OK in IE...I've republished the blog; let me know if that helped.

GF said...

No sorry, still the background appears 'all over the place'? on this post.

I've tried it in both IE7 and Firefox and looks the same in each. Not to worry, if it looks OK for everyone else (and I've managed to read it anyway)....