Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Teething (We Hope)

Well the long weekend was a bit of a downer as Serena had to work Saturday & Sunday.

Lauren spiked a fever on Friday night but was fully recovered in the morning and ate heartily all weekend.

Yesterday we had fun playing together as a family (alongside giving the loft a good clear-out) and retired to bed in reasonable time.

However around 11.30 pm Lauren just went crackers... she woke up and started screaming... she was completely inconsolable. There was no fever and no amount of hugs or milk would make a dent in her resolve to wake up the whole of London.

Painkillers finally brought her back down to earth and she seemed to relax off into sleep (although she got my side of the big bed and I was relegated to the spare room).

Since there was no signs of illness we are really hoping this (and the short lived fever) are signs of teething about to start and not something else more serious.

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