Sunday, May 14, 2006

Worrying Times

Lauren had a check up with the Paediatricians today which went extremely well. The doctor was really lovely and took the time to explain everything to us. He was not concerned about her weight loss or her recurrent infections and put our minds at ease. He even explained that the anaemia was expected because of her prolonged jaundice as a baby.

Although she still has diarrhoea and a fever, I am confident now that everything will be better soon. The vomiting has almost stopped now.

You can see her having forty winks with daddy on the sofa this afternoon. Although she has lost weight, I am sure that she will regain this when she begins to feel better and is eating normally again.

However, we have heard worrying news about our grandmas (Lauren's great grandmas). My grandma is currently in hospital in Hong Kong after a big operation. My aunt has told us that grandma is doing OK after the operation but naturally we are all worried about her. We are hoping that she feels a bit better soon.

Jase's grandma has also been admitted to hospital and is quite unwell. She is comfortable but it sounds like the doctors are not hopeful at present regarding the situation. We are getting regular updates from Jase's parents but again we are very worried about what will happen. She is already very frail.

With both families worrying it is hard to think far into the future at the moment and we are taking things a day at a time. A quiet family weekend seems in order.

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