Tuesday, June 20, 2006

New Blog to read!

My brother Jase and his fiancée Charlotte have set up their own blog all about their current life and wedding preparation adventures. They have already put some photos on their site, including one of their gorgeous new kitten Rafferty!

See their blog at this link.

Happy reading!

Friday, June 16, 2006


We've had a busy, busy week. I've had a lot on my plate with work and this review paper which I'm writing (deadline in 1 month). Add to that the stress of Lauren having had another ear infection recently. Her right ear became inflammed on Monday, so I took her to see the GP on Tuesday and got yet more antibiotics. Hope this does the trick. Fortunately, she's not running a fever this time and is eating well, so I don't think it's bothering her as much.

Good news has come though. Firstly, we've off on holiday on Saturday and now we're getting pretty excited. Haven't had chance to pack yet so tomorrow night will be hectic but I am still looking forward to it. Have to brush up on my French on the flight over!

Secondly, my brother Jason has just got engaged to his girlfriend Charlotte. We are all really thrilled and excited about it all, as we already consider her one of the family. I got to see the ring on Tuesday, and very impressive it was too!

All I need to do now is pass this exam and our celebrations would be complete!

Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Hot Hot Hot

It's a scorching 31 degrees C today (and 30 degrees in the house). Summer has definitely arrived and we are hot! Lauren and I are melting in the shade (obviously haven't ventured into direct sun with her). We have the kitchen doors wide open but there is no breeze so it feels hotter.

I must admit to having been largely unaware of the weather in recent days as I have been really busy at work last week and over the weekend. Not much opportunity to enjoy the sunshine sadly. However, at night we have been sleeping with our fans blowing in order to keep comfortable as it doesn't get much cooler.

Lauren has been grumpy because of the heat and her sore throat. The poor little girl has lost her voice but seems happy despite it. She has no temperature so I am reassured. She's not sleeping well at the moment but I'm not sure if that's her sore throat or the heat (maybe both!).

She seems to be eating quite well despite the hot weather. I got her to eat all of her chicken casserole this lunch time and two thirds of a yoghurt (her favourite is the Petit Filous) . I am trying to get her to start eating the food that we eat (but mashed up and without the salt) so that I don't have to cook specially for her. She's almost 10 months old now so should be progressing to grown up food soon.

We're having some salmon and new potatoes tonight so I will try her with that to see if she likes it! I hope she starts to put on weight after the problems we've had recently. The Paediatricians are keeping a close eye on her because of her recent illnesses and weight loss, but so far all her tests have been normal and it seems that it is not anything out of the ordinary - just the usual childhood viruses.

We're off to St Malo in Northern France this weekend for a well deserved first family holiday. I can't wait! There are lovely beaches in Brittany and I am looking forward to the great local seafood. We have booked an apartment in the old walled city of St Malo, which has markets, shops, restaurants and beaches all within short walking distance.

The only downside is that I have to take my work with me as I have an ever decreasing amount of time before the deadline for my paper submission. Hopefully, the writing will seem a little easier with a lovely glass of French Red beside me (obviously only one though...)!

Well, I'm off to make dinner; looks like we can eat it outdoors on our patio tonight.

Sore but happy

Well Serena worked all weekend, so I had the pleasure of baby sitting Lauren. The temperatures were sky high, so we didn't go to the park, plus Lauren developed a sore throat that made life a bit miserable. Hence we stayed indoors playing with our big building cubes (I stack them and Lauren demolishes them) and blowing raspberries at each other! We also ate huge quantities of Petit Filous!

One good bit of news is that Serena is going ahead with her research topic, despite the recent paper. Her bosses reckon that if everyone avoided topics that had been reviewed recently then their wouldn't be anyone writing papers. It looks like Serena will have to spend the first few days of our holiday in France working though, which isn't very fair on her. I'll have to dig out an internet café for her to email from which will allow me to publish "live photos" from our holiday!

Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Upset tummy but not to worry

Well the Paediatricians have given Lauren the once over and told us to stop worrying!

There has been a really hasty "cold" bug around that some kiddies have taken a month to shake, which explains Lauren's perpetual cough and sniffle.

They also told us to not worry as much about the iron supplements, as it was more important to get her back on solids. She has been suffering from a sore tummy and has been preferring milk - this is likely to be a reaction against her iron supplement which we add to her dinner. We have been experiencing significant levels of regurgitation!!!! (Laundry has been ticking over rather quickly!)
I think this is positive and we'll drop Lauren back onto her favourite veggies to get back on the solids, and get her trusting the food again.

Now all we need is for Serena to have a bit of luck (poor dear)... She spends hours pulling together a systematic review for her promotion to Consultant only to find a paper published LAST WEEK that duplicates her work (coming to the same conclusions). She has had to start from scratch on a new topic as she would be accused of plagiarism if she continued.

Sunday, June 04, 2006

The First Day of Summer

I'm sorry that I haven't written much since returning from the funeral but life has been really busy and chaotic. Thanks for keeping me smiling with all your comments!

On returning from the funeral, I went straight back to work the next day and worked the whole weekend.

Lauren (as you can see from the two previous posts) has been quite grumpy at night for various reasons and has kept us sleep deprived.

When she does sleep, she is much more cheerful as you can see from these photos taken today. This is Lauren sitting in our kitchen enjoying the beautiful day outside as we have the folding sliding glass doors at the back of the kitchen wide open.

It feels like the first day of summer today.

It's been really glorious with bright blue skies and warm sunshine in abundance. We've been enjoying our kitchen being open to our back garden; it's been fabulous.

I've been doing work on the kitchen table and listening to the birds outside. Jase has been outside in the garden with Lauren tidying things up. She still has a cough and a runny nose, but neither seem as bad as before.

The reason I'm so busy is that I've discovered that I only have until July 20th to complete my systematic review paper for my consultant's exam. I had thought that I had until August to complete it! It has to be reviewed by my bosses before I submit it, so extra pressure to get it done in time. I spent all of Friday in the library looking up references and ordering yet more references to support my discussion.

OK, need to stop blogging and get back to work!

Thursday, June 01, 2006

God Bless Califig!

Well maybe it wasn't teething.... We noticed that Lauren hadn't poo'd for 2 days.

One dose of Califig and a 1 hour wait.... HUGE POO!

No more crying!