Sunday, June 04, 2006

The First Day of Summer

I'm sorry that I haven't written much since returning from the funeral but life has been really busy and chaotic. Thanks for keeping me smiling with all your comments!

On returning from the funeral, I went straight back to work the next day and worked the whole weekend.

Lauren (as you can see from the two previous posts) has been quite grumpy at night for various reasons and has kept us sleep deprived.

When she does sleep, she is much more cheerful as you can see from these photos taken today. This is Lauren sitting in our kitchen enjoying the beautiful day outside as we have the folding sliding glass doors at the back of the kitchen wide open.

It feels like the first day of summer today.

It's been really glorious with bright blue skies and warm sunshine in abundance. We've been enjoying our kitchen being open to our back garden; it's been fabulous.

I've been doing work on the kitchen table and listening to the birds outside. Jase has been outside in the garden with Lauren tidying things up. She still has a cough and a runny nose, but neither seem as bad as before.

The reason I'm so busy is that I've discovered that I only have until July 20th to complete my systematic review paper for my consultant's exam. I had thought that I had until August to complete it! It has to be reviewed by my bosses before I submit it, so extra pressure to get it done in time. I spent all of Friday in the library looking up references and ordering yet more references to support my discussion.

OK, need to stop blogging and get back to work!

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