Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Sore but happy

Well Serena worked all weekend, so I had the pleasure of baby sitting Lauren. The temperatures were sky high, so we didn't go to the park, plus Lauren developed a sore throat that made life a bit miserable. Hence we stayed indoors playing with our big building cubes (I stack them and Lauren demolishes them) and blowing raspberries at each other! We also ate huge quantities of Petit Filous!

One good bit of news is that Serena is going ahead with her research topic, despite the recent paper. Her bosses reckon that if everyone avoided topics that had been reviewed recently then their wouldn't be anyone writing papers. It looks like Serena will have to spend the first few days of our holiday in France working though, which isn't very fair on her. I'll have to dig out an internet café for her to email from which will allow me to publish "live photos" from our holiday!

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