Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Upset tummy but not to worry

Well the Paediatricians have given Lauren the once over and told us to stop worrying!

There has been a really hasty "cold" bug around that some kiddies have taken a month to shake, which explains Lauren's perpetual cough and sniffle.

They also told us to not worry as much about the iron supplements, as it was more important to get her back on solids. She has been suffering from a sore tummy and has been preferring milk - this is likely to be a reaction against her iron supplement which we add to her dinner. We have been experiencing significant levels of regurgitation!!!! (Laundry has been ticking over rather quickly!)
I think this is positive and we'll drop Lauren back onto her favourite veggies to get back on the solids, and get her trusting the food again.

Now all we need is for Serena to have a bit of luck (poor dear)... She spends hours pulling together a systematic review for her promotion to Consultant only to find a paper published LAST WEEK that duplicates her work (coming to the same conclusions). She has had to start from scratch on a new topic as she would be accused of plagiarism if she continued.

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