Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Blue Sky Holiday

It's a scorching 33 degrees today in London and set to go up to 37 degrees this week. The sky is blue and there isn't a cloud to be seen. It feels like the Mediterranean!

Lauren and I have been out and about enjoying the beautiful weather. Yesterday, we went to Ravenscourt Park with Charlotte to look at ducks and enjoy the sunshine.

Lauren seemed to pay more attention to the ducks this time and got quite excited.

It was really lovely and Lauren seemed to have a really good time crawling on the grass. Her crawling is much more effective now and she can go quite a distance when she crawls. Every day, I put a rug on my wooden floor downstairs and sit her on it with her toys so that she can scrabble about.

She can also pull herself up to stand by holding onto furniture or people. She was pulling herself up on me yesterday and playing by clambering all over me ("mountaineering"). She won't keep still these days!

She's also learned to clap in the last few days. She now nods and claps when she's happy, as well as giving the cutest of grins.

At the weekend, we had a lovely evening meal at the Anglesea Arms, which is a local gastro pub. Jase had some amazing chargrilled beef and I had cod, which Lauren ate as well.

We like the Anglesea; good food in a relaxed atmosphere. It'll be even better when the no smoking laws come into force. I absolutely hate people smoking around me when we're eating, even if they're in a smoking section elsewhere in the room - it still wafts across. I don't mind if they're outside and we're inside or vice versa, or if we're in different rooms with a door in between. Besides, how can they possible taste what they're eating?

She's now enjoying a lot of the food that we have and loves to eat what we're eating (obviously her food is not interesting enough, unless it's a Petit Filous...). I'm now on the verge of giving her our food mushed up, rather than making her baby food. All very exciting!

She also is getting more interested in trying to feed herself. Whilst this is exciting for her, it is definitely messy for poor mama and dada!!

Despite the heat, we are sleeping well at night with the lovely air con unit. It's probably burning a hole in my electricity bill but quite frankly I don't care anymore! The heat is unbearable at night and this has definitely helped. To be quite honest, I am beginning to think that with the changing climate in SE England that maybe we should be considering air con as standard in new homes. It's now warmer here than in Spain (see this report)!

Lauren is asleep at the moment but when she wakes up we'll have lunch then head to the park again for some fun in the sunshine. Happy days!


Jase said...

Awwww... Who's a cutie!
(Me clearly!)

GF said...

Move back to Scotland. It's unbelievable the difference the smoking ban has made.

The difference is just amazing, so, so different.

Jase said...

Yep - I can't believe we need to wait another 13 months for something so obvious and easy to implement!

Sydney had this when we were there back in 2002 and it was sooooo good.