Wednesday, July 12, 2006


Lauren has mastered her first word other than "mama" (mama), "mmuhmuhmama" (mama milk-milk) and "baba" (daddy; also sometimes "abba" - clearly she's figured him out!).

About three weeks ago, Lauren and I were playing with Stripey (her zebra; see the photo. I gave Lauren Stripey to hold and out of the blue she said "'Ebra". I thought I had misheard but she was giggling and I couldn't get her to say it again.

Then, during the holiday, Jase and Lauren were playing with Stripey and again, when Jase gave Stripey to Lauren she said "Ebra". Jase (of course) didn't believe me when I told him that she had said "zebra" previously and thought that it must be a fluke.

This week, she has said (mostly appropriately) "Ebra" again when we've been playing with her and Stripey, so I am proud to declare that my daughter's first word other than the family stuff is "zebra"!

At the same time as this has been happening, I've realised that Lauren is finally noticing animals. We took her to the park to see ducks and geese previously but she wasn't really all that impressed. However, on holiday, she showed a distinct interest in birds and dogs in particular. We went to the aquariaum in St Malo and she loved looking at the fish, turtles and sharks!

She's been watching the Big Cat Diary on BBC this week with Jase and has been really excited when the animals come on TV. Yesterday, she was babbling and laughing excitedly at the pictures of the lions and cheetahs. However, when excited she called them all "Ebra"!

I don't think Stripey will be too impressed with that, you know...

We've been to see the Paediatricians today. Lauren is putting on weight and is making excellent progress now. The Consultant was really pleased and said that everything was coming along nicely. She was pleased that Lauren has been eating better and wants to see her one more time to make sure that Lauren continues to grow. One (final, I hope) set of blood tests were done today to make sure the iron deficiency anaemia is getting better.

She's alseep just now as she's tired from her day of travelling about but here are some pictures of her from earlier in the day when she was playing with me after her breakfast. It's great to see her looking healthier!

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