Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Engagement Celebrations

When we got back from St Malo, we had a lovely engagement dinner to celebrate Jase and Charlotte's engagment. We went to Mandarin Kitchen in Bayswater and had a wonderful seafood banquet with nine courses (this is traditional for special dinners and symbolises "everlasting" in Chinese culture).

Our cousins, Amy and Antony were also there. I am constantly amazed that they always look the same, no matter how many months or years have passed since I last saw them. Here's a picture of them enjoying the meal with my parents.

Jase and Charlotte looked very happy and we all got to see the big ring (a diamond solitaire on a white gold band with smaller diamonds on the shoulders - very nice!!). Everyone ate loads and had a good time.

Lauren was very good throughout the meal and had some quality time with Uncle Jase. Recently, his job has taken him away from the UK a lot and so Lauren hadn't seen him for about 2 months. When she saw him on our return from the holiday, she didn't recognise him and looked scared when he said hello to her. My poor brother was totally gutted!

However, a bit of quality time together and all was right as rain again!

Here's the happy couple with my parents. The big day is all set for 2nd June 2007 and the venue has been booked. They are very excited about the whole thing, as are we - we are keeping our fingers crossed that all the preparations run smoothly until then.

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