Wednesday, July 26, 2006


There is no end to it. Every day it is 30+ degrees. Today it was an unrelenting 33 degrees with no breeze. Hot! Night time temperatures are quite high (over 20 degrees) so pretty uncomfortable. I am so glad we got the air con!

The hot weather has meant plenty of trips to the park for ice cream,
swings and exploring - which we've all enjoyed!

Apparently the heatwave is here to stay. No end in sight over the next week, at least. I'm pretty certain that this has been the hottest summer since we moved to London.

It's hotter than 2003, when we were stuck in a tiny 3rd floor flat with no garden (yuk!). 2004, when we were renting a house with a big garden, we had a terrible summer with lots of rain (typical). Last year, I remember some hot weather but most of it was a blur because of the pregnancy (I still don't think it was a hot).

Next year, I'm planning to redo our front and back gardens; I'm making a mental note to ask about planting some drought resistant plants!

After a terrible weekend at work, it's been lovely to spend some time with Lauren. we've had lots of chuckles and cuddles over the past two days. She's been really active since she figured out how to stand up. She absolutely loves pulling herself up on furniture!

Jase said that over the weekend, she was sleeping in our room (with the air con) and on waking she pulled herself up into a standing position, holding onto the edge of our bed at the far side of the room. So when Jase came into the room to get her, he could see this little face peering at him from the other side of the bed! Wish I'd been there.

Of course, getting mobile does bring with it the risks of falling over.

However, she's had nothing more serious than minor bumps so far (luckily) and I'm determined not to wrap her up in cotton wool. We try not to look worried when she has minor bumps, and just give her cuddles without making a fuss for worse bumps. I don't want her to be scared to walk!

Getting mobile also means that the cheeky girl is "exploring" all our low shelves and pulling at cables and flexes. This means that when she is awake we have to be constantly aware of where she is and what she's doing!

Gone are the days when I could do other things. She will sit in her high chair for a while, but once she's bored she wants to get out and explore. She's capable of standing up in her high chair now, so I have to be careful with her.

It's great, though. I'm so proud of her achievements! Even when she gets into daddy's DVD collection! I don't have the heart to be cross; she is clearly loving the ability to explore her environment.

We've had some good fun playing over the last two days. We have sticking out tongue game; she sticks her tongue out at me, I stick my tongue out at her, she laughs and the whole cycle begins again. We still have the mountaineering game and the knocking over of blocks game as well. She's also beginning to enjoy people reading to her, even though she doesn't understand the words. And of course, she still likes me to sing songs to her.

I think that she's also beginning to watch TV; she gets excited if she sees animals or small children on the screen. She watched a cartoon this afternoon and was laughing and chuckling through it; I was quite surprised that she liked it so much (clearly a Jase trait!).

Sadly, I'm back to work tomorrow and Lauren is back to nursery. Tomorrow evening is her parents' evening where I get to chat to her carers about her progress. Just like school! I am planning to ask some of the other parents about primary schools in the area if I can; I haven't registered Lauren for any yet. I'm a little bit worried; I have heard other parents talking about enrolling their children for good schools as soon as they're born!



Jase said...

I really need to come up with a way of isolating my DVD player and disks from Lauren.... They are at the perfect hieght for her to play with and, as the photos show, she will do as soon as your back is turned!

Kim said...

It's amazing how differently you view your house as soon as a baby is around!

Rena said...

It is great to see her zooming around though; I am so proud of her!

GF said...

Why not buy a large server with a few Tb of disk space and just rip them to it? Then no worries.....

GF said...