Monday, July 10, 2006

Holiday in St Malo

OK, it's about time I told you about our lovely holiday in St Malo. I'm taking this opportunity whilst Lauren is asleep because she doesn't sleep much during the day now and when she's up she wants attention. This means that it's quite hard to do anything during that time (certainly nothing that requires attention or is time consuming).

St Malo is a really pretty seaside town on the northern coast of France, not far from the Channel Islands. We stayed in the old walled town of St Malo where there were lots of lovely restaurants, caf├ęs and shops. We had a lot of fun just exploring the streets and stopping for the occasional ice cream or cake (see Jase's post re. cake here.

As Jase reported, the first week was mixed weather but the second week the sun came out and was pretty spectacular.

This is a photo of us walking around the sea walls and building up an appetite for some crepes! Speaking of food, the food was fabulous. There was some fantastic seafood (fish, crab, lobster, shellfish and the most amazing plates of Fruits de Mer that you have ever seen. Breton desserts were enormous and quite heavy (even for Jase and mum, the dessert fiends).

We weren't the only ones who ate well. Lauren clearly loved the sea air and ate like a small horse (!). We didn't have any baby food with us (and anyway she refused to eat the jar stuff, being clearly a connoisseur of finer mama-made foods) so we mainly made some small portions of food for her, which I then ground up for her. She also loved etaing stuff from our plates in restaurants (fish, chicken, veg, fruit, bread and of course, puddings) . Jase and I weighed her yesterday and were astonished (but delighted) that she had put on 1.1kg since going on holiday. She now weighs (according to my bathroom scales) 7.4kg which is 16.3 pounds.

My Mum and Dad also had a great time and they really loved spending time with Lauren. Lauren and her grandpa had a great time looking at seagulls on the beach and fish at the fantastic aquarium (which had all kinds of fish, sharks, turtles and so on).

Lauren also had lots of cuddles and kisses with her grandma, whilst grandpa and daddy were watching the football with the friendly locals in the nearby bar.

Lauren really loved the beach. This picture was taken at a fabulous beach which we loved, on the caostal road between St Malo and Pointe De Grouin. She liked playing in the sand and was fascinated by the texture. She played with pebbles and shells she found on the beach (and found them quite tasty!). Whilst we were away, four of her top teeth just suddenly emerged so she was putting everything in her mouth to chew. Initially, she was a bit apprehensive with the waves at the shoreline, but soon was sitting in the surf and having a great time.

We visited some of the nearby towns aong the coast when we got the hire car and also drove to see some of the local beauty spots. A good time was had by all, with great food and some Breton cider being consumed along the way. This photo was taken at our favourite restaurant of the holiday called "Le Brick" in St Malo, after Jase has sampled some of the good French wine on offer! It was a fantastic place for a family holiday and I would definitely go again.

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