Sunday, July 02, 2006


We got back from France last night. We had an absolutely amazing holiday in Brittany; it was relaxing, the beaches were wonderful and the food was fabulous. No internet access though. Internet cafes were surprisingly scarce and expensive. We resorted to using Jase's mobile phone as a very slow modem (I am not looking forward to seeing the bill for this!).

Lauren has thrived on holiday and has put on lots of weight with the good food and sea air. She's now crawling! Fortunately, she's not very fast yet so I can still catch her. She's also been talking lots of baby talk, laughing, waving and nodding her head when she likes something. We've been constantly entertained by her antics!

Was quite disturbed by this article on the Beeb. I know babies are taking longer to crawl these days, but they do all catch up in the end. Surely it's better to be a bit slower to develop but have less babies dying from cot death! Why must we all constantly push our babies to develop at a breakneck pace? Don't they grow up too fast these days anyway?

It's great to be home to my high speed broadband. More news and pictures later once I have bashed my review paper into shape a bit more.

Meantime, enjoy this. Might go down there myself later this week if I have withdrawal symptoms from my holiday!!

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