Sunday, July 16, 2006

The Irony of the Situation

It's currently 2am and I am wide awake. Lauren isn't keeping me up; she is fast asleep.

Oh, the irony of it all after my last post. I have insomnia tonight.

I've come downstairs for a mug of horlicks to try to get off to sleep. I've already tried counting sheep and all that stuff but I just felt more and more frustrated and less and less sleepy.

I suspect that my insomnia has quite a lot to do with my upcoming deadline for the submission of my paper (Thursday). Although I have finished it, I am still tweaking it to get the word count down and tidy up my arguments. The more water tight it is, the less likely I will get blown away by some nasty examiner in the viva exam.

Stress, stress, stress!

To top it all, I have caught a sore throat (probably from Lauren or Jase) and every time I lie back in bed I feel as if I can't breathe and I'm being strangled.

What a nightmare! Shouldn't have spoken so soon...


GF said...

I feel like that too!! - not the insomnia or indeed a pending deadling, but the throat thing.

I have to admit I thought it was asthma-related. I don't have asthma (or didn't), but my Mum does and my Grad did. I got diagnosed as having an asthmatic cough as a child, and given the hot hot weather in sunny Chester, etc. and my hayfever symptoms being bad I reckoned that was what it was!?!?

I wonder if it's not that after all or if indeed your cough is heat / allergy related?

Rena said...

Woah! To be honest I hadn't thought of that being a possibility because I don't have asthma.

I think with me it probably is just a bad sore throat, but for you - well, fair enough!

James said...

Certainly, the heat is affecting my sleep. Question: Does Horlicks ever actually work?? :)

Rena said...

Well, if it's any help I did actually get to sleep after that!

I also think that I didn't sleep well that night because Jase didn't turn on the air con and it got hot. Last night, the air con was on and I slept fine.

I think I also like the hum of the air con unit; the white noise helps me sleep.

GF said...

You know you can buy a white noise machine for sleeping? I saw it somewhere, like Maplin or Komplett or one of those electronics companies that email me.....such a cool idea.