Saturday, July 15, 2006


It's probably a very unwise thing to say at this point but we have had a really good few days with Lauren as far as sleeping is concerned.

On holiday, we had some terrible nights (and some relatively recently too)because she was teething. I don't know if you've noticed but she has teeth at the top now; see photo from previous post). Although you can only see two top teeth in the picture, she actually has four (the two alongside the central ones have come through).

It definitely wasn't because of the sleeping arrangements because she loved her little travel bed (it's like the one in this photo)!

This was clearly a painful process; those of you who remember your wisdom teeth emerging will know what I mean.

Our change in luck may also be because it has been cooler in the house. Jase bought an air conditioning unit because none of us could sleep in the hot weather; this has helped all of us enormously. It was 29-30 degrees in the bedrooms at night during the hot spell; really not funny. There was no wind so even with the windows wide open and the fans on it made no difference and none of the rooms cooled down in the night.

Lauren is also quite particular with her bed and likes a relatively soft feel to her mattress (like daddy). We recently bought a cheap single duvet to use as a matress pad because we sometimes found that she would roll over in the night, feel uncomfortable and wake herself up. However, when she was sleeping on something soft like a pillow, this didn't seem to happen as often.

So with these measures and the teeth settling, she has been sleeping really well. Last few nights she has gone to bed at a reasonable hour and then either slept right through or only woken once for a nighttime snack.

She's currently sleeping in our bedroom on her mattress next to our bed (as the air con unit is in our room). I think she also likes the fact that we're sleeping right there as well.

Anyway, shouldn't question my good fortune too much. We're just enjoying it for now!


Kim said...

She looks so comfy and cozy it makes me want to have a nap! Love her 'ebra' right next to her too.

Rena said...


You can see one of her two Stripeys in the photo (that's Little Stripey; Mama Stripey is just out of the shot). The multicoloured furry animal just poking into view is her octopus which we bought her after our trip to the aquarium.

We thought she would choose a dolphin or something else cute but instead she was facinated by the octopus and wouldn't put her down, so the octapus came home with us!

GF said...

In the bottom photo where Lauren has her arm behind her, as soon as I looked at it, she looked so like Jason!!!

I've always thought Lauren looks like herself and rarely see 'parents' in babies, but that picture freaked me out. And no, I haven't seen Jason sleep like that before either!!

Rena said...

You know I hadn't noticed until you pointed it out - but you're absolutely right. I feel that she looks like _her_ but then in some situations, she looks like me and other times like Jase.

This was clearly a "Jase" moment!

GF said...

Absolutely :)