Thursday, August 31, 2006

All singing, all dancing!!

Those of you logging onto the site today will possibly notice a few changes to Frazzled Working Mum.

There were several reasons for this; I was getting frustrated with my blog not showing up properly on Firefox (my current favourite web browser and blog editor). Thank you Gareth for alerting me to this problem initially. Also, I wanted it to be more accessible to those of you reading it and allow people to get email updates, search the website for specific items etc. but was never certain how to achieve this.

Well, a few hours surfing on the Technorati and Feedburner sites and well, this is the finished result!

I must admit to being chuffed for someone who knows nothing about programming to have achieved such a considerable revamp.

Let me know what you think!

(By the way, I have yet to sort the colours of Jase's posts; I will do this later on. I am aware that the present colour is very hard to read!).


James said...

Nicely done, Rena.

Your Blog was a bit ropey for me as I view through Firefox too, but now it's crystal clear - and nicely coloured too. No idea how long it took you - my Blog is somewhat clear - but well worth the effort. :)

Kim said...

Very nice. Much better viewing this through firefox. I used to just wait until I got into work where we only use exploder, but now I can look at it with my morning tea. I miss the pink though. It's sort of my fav color right now. But this is ver soothing.

GF said...

100 times better - as a Firefox user (as you well know) it was a bit of pain, I had to select all the text to make it readable.

Excellent - and congrats - we'll make a programmer out of you yet! :)

Jase said...

Anyone else find that it takes an age to load in Explorer? Might just be our work servers, but seems slow.

It's odd... I kind of miss the pink too!

I changed the text on my 2 most recent posts over to yellow for readability.

GF said...

Don't know - don't use explorer if I can help it - I'm using FFox right now.

The only other thing is the border around the flickr insert is still pink, but looks great overall.

Jase said...

Fixed the flickr banner... Although you need to SHIFT Refresh to clear your cache to see it.

Rena said...

Hehe, thanks for the comments.

Glad you like the changes to the blog and that you lot can read it now.

I did think that it was disturbing that I was doing some programming to relax, LOL. Balint and Gareth would be so proud.


GF said...

Very proud indeed! :)