Saturday, August 19, 2006

Finally asleep

I think all the excitement from this last week has finally died down. I've had quite a lot of trouble trying to get Lauren to sleep since last Friday. I've found that when we have a house full of people, she won't go to sleep - after all, too much to see and do!

Of course, with her birthday being mid week this week and having gone out for dinner, Lauren's exuberance remained an obstacle to sleep until yesterday. After I wrote the last post, it took the little girl until 12:30am to get off to sleep!

She's slept like a log the last two days - she's obviously catching up now.

However, we did discover on Wednesday night that she likes classical music. The Proms were on TV and there was a violin / viola concerto (Sinfonia Concertante by Mozart) which Lauren enjoyed. She was bouncing up and down on the sofa, cooing, laughing and waving her arms excitedly. Of course, I was very proud having been both a violin and viola player in my time. I must admit though that I hadn't quite expected that reaction. Maybe that's the Mozart effect for you.

Sorry to disappoint Gareth (see his post - looks like she's a Classics babe!)

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GF said...

Oh believe me, at the right age to appreciate Radiohead, I'm sure I'll be able to turn her to the darkside.......