Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Frazzled Mama

Lauren isn't sleeping too well because of her cold at the moment.

The little girl woke us up 6 or 7 times in the night. Either the runny nose or the coughing wakes her, then she cries. Poor Mama and poor Dada!

Despite all this, she looks as fresh as a daisy and has been playing (although has been clingy again). She didn't sleep much this afternon, so no studying for Mama!

This is never a total loss though, as it means plenty of hugs and kisses for Mama.

It's so lovely to be able to splend the day with Lauren, snuggle on the sofa with her and give her hugs and kisses. I never tire of our time together and am very lucky to be able to work flexibly.

I know that poor Jase gets a bit jealous of the time we girls get to spend together.

We get to play games together when we're at home. She enjoys riding on our shoulders and playing horses most at the moment. She likes to climb on or around furniture, even though this has led to the occasional bump as unfortunately all our floors are hard (wood or tiled) downstairs.

However, being ever vigilant, these have luckily only been minor incidents. I feel it's important to let her explore and understand her limits.

She's also started enjoying TV more. She especially likes the Teletubbies and other CBeebies stuff. She also seems to like cartoons; she was laughing whilst watching Peppa Pig the other day. I've included the links for the uninitiated!

Of course, I'm sure that this has happened because Jase introduced her to TV early. She was only a few days old when he introduced her to the joys of Test cricket (Lauren was born during the Ashes Test Matches, 2005). She still stops what she's doing to watch cricket when it comes on the TV. Bizarre!

Daddy's now home; this means he's now on baby sitting duties and I can start on dinner for us and for the little girl. Fingers crossed for a better night's sleep tonight.


GF said...

I recommend Pepa's Mazes on the Peppa site - but watch out for the mucky puddles!!

Rena said...

I love the way Peppa laughs. Lauren clearly agrees because she laughs too when she watches Peppa on TV!