Thursday, August 17, 2006

Lauren's First Birthday!!

The little girl had her first birthday today! I can't believe she's one today; the last year has flown by. It does seem like yesterday that I held her for the first time at her birth.

We've had wonderful celebrations this weekend in her honour.

Like the Queen, Lauren two birthdays. We celebrated her birthday with the whole family at the weekend as well as having a meal out today.

Despite the chaos at the airports Mum, Dad and Hubert managed to make it down to London from Scotland and Jase's parents drove down from York. So together with brother Jase and Charlotte, we had a big celebration at our house for the little girl.

As you can see, I baked a little cake for her; she was really excited as she loves strawberries!

She also had no shortage of presents. After the photos were taken, she had fun helping rip open her little gifts from friends and family. Now she has more toys than I have storage space! My in-laws said jokingly that I may need an extension to house all her stuff - I am worried that that may not be so far from the truth...

As you can see, the little girl loved cake and tucked in merrily. Both grandmas also made short work of their cake!

Today, she went to nursery whilst we were at work. The carers made a big fuss of her and gave her plenty of hugs today. When we went to pick her up, she was happy and smiling.

We went to a restaurant called Coyote in Chiswick for dinner. It does Cajun food; Lauren had a bowl of fresh fruit (which she demolished) and some of my halibut with pesto sauce.

She had a great time as you can see from the photos. When we went home, she was tired but did not want to sleep. Too much excitement, I think!

It's 22:30 now and she is still romping on the sofa (much to daddy's despair!). I'm hoping that she'll eventually tire out and want to go to bed...


peterng said...

I can't believe that one year has passed so quickly. I can still remember that when Jason put Lauren into my arm at the hospital when Mum and I went down to London, I choked and commented to Serena that I have not held a baby for 24 years!

Anyway, love to see you all.

Love, Dad.

James said...

Many happy returns, Lauren!! :)

With many more to come.

PS. A better success than my first birthday. I put my fist through the cake(!)

Rena said...

A big thank you to all our family and friends out there who sent birthday messages for Lauren.

As you can see, she did have wonderful birthday celebrations!

She's such an important part of our lives now I can hardly remember how we were before she came along!