Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Mardy Lauren

It's official.

Since Lauren reached her first birthday, she has become "mardy".

I refer you to Wikipedia, the excellent online encyclopedia. It's entry for the word "mardy" here (and the entry here in its sister site Wiktionary, an online dictionary) confirms that this is a slang word used in the north of England meaning "moody" or "sulky".

I think she's reached a stage where she's more aware of herself and what she wants. She seems to be feeling slightly insecure recently and has been really clingy. She gets easily alarmed by strangers and wants lots of hugs from her Mama.

In this photo, she has abandoned her piano and is trying to investigate what I'm doing with the camera.

Since the birthday, she hasn't wanted to let me out of her sight. This last weekend and the last two days at home, I've noticed that she can be playing away quite happily, but if I walk out of the room Lauren starts to wail. She'll often crawl after me as well, as if to say "Hey, where do you think you're going?"

Revision is completely non-existant in this present climate!

Today has been better than yesterday; for most of yesterday she was quite grumpy and wanted to be picked up and hugged, but then would get bored and want to climb off me. Today, she has been happy playing with me without much grumpiness, but still hasn't allowed me to go into other rooms without her.

I'm not sure if it has anything to do with the fact that I have finally weaned her from breast feeding. I'm really proud of the fact that I have managed to breast feed her for a whole year since her birth. I'm sure that this has given her the best start in life possible, and hopefully has made up for the fact that she was born premature. I'm not sure I could have stopped before now anyway, as I had lots of milk until about a month ago, when things began to gradually tail off.

I miss it, though. It gave me a really close bond with Lauren which I couldn't have had with just bottle feeding, in my opinion. In return, I am blessed with many kisses from her on a daily basis.

I remember getting an email from my friend Liz who said that whilst she was writing the email, she was trying to feed the baby with the toddler hanging onto her leg. I remember smiling at the time, picturing the situation.

It seems I may have my own version of this scenario now!


GF said...

As in the Arctic Monkeys song 'Mardy Baum'.... come on, you can rely on me for the music connections!

Jase said...

Arctic Monkeys... Makes me think of the David Attenborough documentory on those Russian Monkeys... sat in hot spring pools relaxing whilst all around them is snow and ice!