Sunday, August 20, 2006

When Daddy's away, Lauren will play...

Daddy has gone to troubleshoot his friend Natalie's PC woes today. She phoned us this morning to say that since she moved house, her PC won't connect to the internet. After a good while trying to solve the problem over the phone, Jase realised he would need to see the problem in the flesh.

So after lunch, Jase went to Nat's in Surrey leaving Lauren and me to our own devices.

The little girl slept initially but is most definitely awake now. She's decided our wastepaper bins need a sort and has retrieved some paper from it to shred.

You can see from the photos that she's clearly enjoying this game (which daddy doesn't let her play). There's nothing dirty in these bins (just paper and card waste) so I decided to let her be. I feel that it's important to let her have freedom to explore things and as long as it's not dangerous or harmful (only inconvenient really) then why not. I can always tidy up after her.

I guess that at this point I want to avoid saying "no" too often. I'm saving the "no" for the really bad things so that the message is not diluted. If you say "no" all the time, children just learn to ignore you.

Besides, it's definitely better than her ripping up my textbooks which would cost about £2000 to replace (although one of my colleagues says he can recommend a really cheap publisher in India to buy from if Lauren does decide that my textbooks are a valid target!)...

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