Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Autumn sunshine

Lauren has been demanding all of my attention over the last two days, meaning that revision has been impossible. So, I decided to take advantage of this fact and go out to the park with her to enjoy the last (probably) of the autumn sunshine.

She had a good time. She enjoyed the swings, she enjoyed looking at the other children there and she enjoyed playing on the grass with mama afterwards. We took biscuits and apple juice for rations and came home when the dark clouds rolled in.

It was sunny (as you can see from the photos) but there's now a distinct chill in the air that wasn't there before. I guess we have been really lucky with the weather this year; we've had an amazing summer and bright sunny days into the autumn. It's still pretty warm considering it's now mid September. Back in Edinburgh, I would have expected rain, fog, cloudy days and be expecting frost in the next few weeks.

We also went to see our Paediatrician today, for Lauren's check up. Lauren is growing well, so it's been all good news. She's now 8.22kgs (or for the non-metric out there, that's 18lbs) and 71cm tall (28 inches). Lauren is now growing consistently up the 9th centile (having recovered after her long bout of viral illnesses), so our specialist was not concerned.

We had an interesting chat about Lauren's recent behaviour. Two interesting things came out of that conversation. Firstly, she told me that it's quite common for children who are really sociable to enjoy nursery and be bored at home if they don't have brothers or sisters. She recommended finding a local parent and toddler group, a baby music group or a toddler gym to get Lauren (and us) out and about and interacting with other children. I'm going to get Jase to have a look around Chiswick to see what is available in our area.

Secondly, the mardiness we've been seeing is apparently a manifestation of the "Terrible Twos". Clearly, someone lied there. I was told that bright, sociable children often reach this stage before they reach two - and I was told to expect more of the lying on the floor wailing business (she told me that next Lauren will do this in the supermarket...). All this is quite normal and nothing to worry about.

OK, Tesco deliver to home, don't they?


GF said...

Do you know how often i've heard the phrase 'Mardy' in recent weeks!!?!?

Rena said...

LOL! It's because you live in the north of England these days!!