Wednesday, September 13, 2006


I have had an awful two days. It has been deeply unpleasant.

I have been on a revision course for my consultant's exam and been grilled by scary, aggressive examiners for the last two days. Of course, I expected this would happen. After all, it's the last professional exam I will ever sit and they have to raise the bar.

Despite the intense grilling (I'm crispy both sides now) I've come out with my sanity intact and with a clearer vision of my goals for the next two parts of the exam. Despite initially being disheartened by the criticisms, I realised that despite them I did enough to pass each component of the exam during the course testing. I guess it has been good to get challenged and stressed; better feel awful now than in the actual exam. The consultants teaching us did seem to enjoy (perhaps a little to much) watching us squirm under pressure though!

I only felt better when I went to pick up Lauren from nursery. She had a lovely smile for me when she saw me and immediately gave me a big, sloppy kiss.

And with that, life was worth living again. She is my darling little girl!


GK said...

I have no idea how you juggle family life with exams and pressure like this so hats off to you...

But I suppose thats why your blog is titled as it is!

Love all the photos of Lauren - you are clearly besotted with her. And she is a little cutie : )

Rena said...

Thanks for the message, Gillian!

We have a bit of stress at the mo (as I'm sure you know) with Jase's job and my exams but Lauren keeps us sane.

I love the way she laughs most of all (for example on the video clip).

More photos of the little girl soon!