Monday, September 25, 2006

From an Office in London

As Rena states below she is off in Middlesborough and Maggie is round looking after Lauren and me.

Yesterday's dinner was Squid, Roast Duck and Ung Choi and was rather nice, especially when washed down with a resounding Ryder Cup victory.

Lauren didn't sleep much during the day after we dropped Mama off at Kings Cross, so she had no problems going to sleep at 7 pm.

Unfortunately this didn't last and at 2.30 this morning my darling girl was wide awake. I changed her nappy and gave her a bit more milk, but it took at good 30 mins of quality hugging to get her back to sleep. She then repeated this at 3.30 and 4.00 and so I lost 2 hours of my much needed beauty sleep!

Alarm time at 6.30 this morning was not popular and so I turned my alarm off and rolled over. Maggie woke me up at 8.45 and I strolled into the office looking a bit shaggy around 10 am!

Tonight Maggie gets the baby monitor and I get to fret!

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