Sunday, September 17, 2006

Fun and Games

After the fun we had last weekend with the walking video, Jase and I decided to post another short video today.

He was playing with Lauren earlier today, and she seemed to have fun (though I think she was a bit bemused with daddy's antics).

Press the Play button in the lower left corner to see what they've been up to!

The whole family also went out shopping for Lauren today (these days mama and dada don't get to spend money on themselves!) in Hammersmith. Lauren came home with some new clothes, some shoes and a new car seat. The shoe situation was getting desperate as she's almost walking and we had no suitable shoes for her. Her feet have grown a lot since the summer holidays and her old shoes were too small anyway!

Similarly, because she has grown a lot in the last few months, her old car seat is now too small. Her feet were way over the edge and her head was beginning to get to the top of the seat. As well as outgrowing the seat, she was beginning to dislike sitting in it because she was facing backwards and couldn't see anything. We've bought two new car seats (one a week ago and one today) for our two cars. They're both forward facing and she seemed to like this much more.

Hilariously though, the clothes we bought today (some of which are 12-18 month size) are absolutely enormous! When we got home and measured them against her, I could not believe how big the clothes were.

Or maybe my darling girl is just still small (but perfectly formed, of course)!

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