Sunday, September 03, 2006

Helping to save the Planet

We've been trying hard to do our bit for the environment.

We're avid recyclers, but get frustrated that Ealing Council (our council) still does not recycle all the things we would like them to. Every week, we separate out our paper, glass, tins and food waste for separate collection.

I've also become concerned about the food we eat. I try to buy organic food whenever I can, and I am increasing disturbed to find my vegetables coming from Holland and my fruit from even further afield. That can't be good in the first place! The stuff from the supermarkets (whilst it is convenient and cheap) is also underripe and tasteless.

Even when you "ripen at home" it does not taste as it should. I'm sure that this is why fruit and veg taste so much better on the Continent. For example, when we went to the markets in France, the food was amazing. Even buying locally from the fruit and veg stalls in Chiswick, the fruit and veg is better than in the supermarkets.

Jase found the Farmers' Market in Chiswick a few weekends ago, in the playground of a local primary school. In an effort to support our local farmers, we went to shop there today.

Look what we found!

(for those who did not notice the first time, this is a video. Press the play button for more...)

These little devils are American Crayfish. They were imported sometime in the last century and now pollute our waterways, killing our native river wildlife. They have no natural preditors.

They are also very tasty. Gordon Ramsay (this recipe and this recipe) and Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall (this recipe) have both cooked these on TV. So we decided to do our bit for the environment and buy a few of these guys for a yummy lunch.

We weren't disappointed. After rendering them comatose by putting them in the freezer for about 30 minutes (this works for lobster as well and is the best way to kill them), we dunked them in some boling water and they were cooked after about 1 minute. It was really easy.

After they were peeled, I tossed them in a SE Asian style dressing, consisting of soy sauce, sesame oil, lime, chilli and coriander. We had this with some new potatoes and a radish salad.

Yum, yum!

Eating Out: Pacific Bar and Grill

On the subject of eating, we went out on Thursday night to the Pacific Bar and Grill in Chiswick for dinner. Jase said he was fed up of eating chicken (I had made large amounts of coq au vin and chicken curry to get us through the week and to save time) and wanted a change so suggested going out.

I had crab and apple cake for starter, which I shared with Lauren. I think she liked it too. Jase had some squid, but it was a little overdone (slightly tough). For the main, we had the most amazingly tender rare rib steak. It was fabulous. For dessert, Jase had the chocolate fondant (like a soft sponge with melted chocolate in the middle) and I had their baked cheesecake. Lauren also enjoyed both desserts!

Overall, it was a terrific meal and we would definitely go back!


GF said...

Argh! That is disgusting!!!

No, not Lauren :)

Rena said...

Hehe :)

They were yummy BTW.

Lauren was quite amused by the "wriggly food"!


GF said...

Hmmm, OK. I am really funny about seafood, and seeing as a squirming sea creature doesn't help my affliction...