Sunday, October 01, 2006

Home and away

It's fantastic to be home again after my week away on the revision course. Although very useful, it was really difficult being away for that length of time. I missed Lauren a great deal whilst I was away. She did get pretty upset some nights and obviously missed me too; however, mum, dad and Jase did a great job of cheering her up in my absence.

Mama Away 026

When I got home, I got a big hug and lots of kisses from Lauren, and she would not let me put her down for the first hour. I was so pleased that she had missed me and was glad I was home. The journey home had been slightly unpleasant as the air con in the train wasn't working in our carriage, leading to a hot and sticky journey. Fortunately, we were only delayed about 25 minutes.

Mama Away 032

I am doing some last minute revision just now. Although I got good feedback for the clinical and viva aspects of the exam from the revision course, I am really worried about the written paper next week. I have always found written exams difficult (all during medical school, during my primary post-graduate exams and now) so I am really dreading Thursday. I've noticed that it doesn't say what the pass mark is, so I don't know how good I need to be.

I feel nauseous thinking about it and that's a sure sign I need to get back to my revision...

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anne said...

Good luck with your exams. I have just started studying part-time for my MSc in Public Health and am really worried about how it will affect family life so can sympathise .