Monday, September 18, 2006

More weekend fun

Whilst I've been revising today, Daddy and Lauren have been having some fun and enjoying the autumn sunshine.

Jase apparently bought some ice cream earlier in the week (funny because I can't remember when this was). Lauren loves eating ice cream with some homemade fruit purée.

They had some ice cream together (Daddy claims Lauren ate most of the tub but I'm not so sure) this afternoon. You can see Lauren scraping the last of it from the carton in these photos!

I wasn't offered any, despite studying hard...

Later, they went out to Wendell Park. Lauren was a bit sleepy according to Jase, and wasn't her normal lively self. She did enjoy herself, but was a bit grumpy at times! She enjoyed watching the other children play.

Recently, I've noticed that she does get a bit grumpy at the weekends. She seems to love nursery (she has started smiling when she sees we've got to the nursery in the mornings) and maybe it's because she likes interacting with the other children there. I'm beginning to think that she misses the extra company at the weekends, especially mama is no fun at the moment through studying.

She certainly seems to be happier when there are more people in the house (for example when the grandparents come to visit).

I think this may be a sutble hint that she doesn't want to be an only child (fortunately, this was not our plan either!).

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