Friday, September 08, 2006

Mystery Benefactor

Yesterday, Lauren received a letter addressed to her. Being her parents (and we have no secrets from each other...yet!) we opened her mail. We were surprised and delighted to find a Gift Card from the Early Learning Centre for her.

However, there was nothing on the card to say who it was from. This is a terrible shame because we obviously want to thank the person who sent it to her, and no-one has (so far) given me any clue that they have sent something.

So we are hoping that the Mystery Benefactor will make themselves known to us, so that we can give them a big thank-you and a hug and a kiss from Lauren. I am sure she will enjoy picking something out from the ELC! For you, this is a picture of the cutie, standing up at the sofa this week.

And finally, just for Gareth, we took this picture.

It is proof that (for now) Lauren can drink and still be standing upright...


GF said...

Ha-ha!! Looks like she's a cider girl :)

Jase said...

Turns out that Gareth is also the Mystery Benefactor - so big Thanks!

Rena said...

Charlotte read your comment and thought cider and black might also be in the running...

Well, not until she's 25 if I've got any say in the matter ;)