Thursday, September 21, 2006

Return of the Lurgy (or the Lurgy Strikes Back)

Last night, Lauren developed a sniffle and woke up around midnight. For quite some time, she would not go back to sleep. Every time we thought we had succeeded, a plaintive cry would come from her room.

We tried everything. We put decongestant up her nose and gave her calpol. We gave her a bit more milk. I cuddled her until she felt sleepy. None of this worked last night.

So we gave in and moved her bed into our room and put it down the side of our bed. I know she sleeps better in our room when she's not feeling well. I think she knows we're there and she feels comforted by it. About five minutes later, she was fast asleep with no stirring until this morning.

This morning, I was woken by a little face peering over the side of my bed and smiling. Strangely, she was absolutely fine this morning, apart from a minor sniffle and a bit of a cough (also minor). She was in the process of rearranging the contents of my bedside table onto the floor, and was pretty happy with herself.

I took her to nursery and mentioned the sniffle to her carers. They told me that all the children have it at the moment.

So that was that mystery solved. I should have realised that Lauren would be source of the lurgy as all the schools have restarted from the summer holidays, and many of the children at nursery have older brothers and sisters. Children are great breeding grounds for all sorts of exciting germs.

I am full of the cold this morning and my head feels twice the size it did yesterday. However, I don't mind paying this small price as long as I can still get lots of sloppy kisses from my little girl!


Jase said...

Which of you is going to mutate the bug and create a germ that knocks me out for a week?
That's normally Lauren!

GF said...

Well that's what I was going to say. If children aren't exposed to all these germs they can't build up anti-bodies to the majority of things and create new even more exciting things that we haven't built anti-bodies for.....

Jase said...

Actually I could do with a week off... My Sky+ is filling up with stuff to watch!

GF said...

Hang on - you've been made redundant and you could do with a week off........let me see, why not just get signed off and stick two fingers up at them?

It's not like you owe them anything - they've made their feelings clear!!...