Monday, October 02, 2006

Celebratory meal

Last night, the family went out to the Royal China in Bayswater for a celebratory meal. We wanted to wish Hubert all the best for his new life in the US with Bonnie his fiancée. He is due to go to the US embassy next week for his final interview, and will be leaving to go to the US shortly after that.

We will all miss him! He is currently arranging shipping his stuff to the US. He and Bonnie are hoping to buy a house of their own in Chicago. They are lookig to get married the year after next.

We all had a great time. The food was very good and we all really enjoyed the peking duck and the lobster in particular. Even Lauren ate some!

It was a really good opportunity for the whole family to catch up, and sadly may be the last time for a while now. The whole family was talking about moving: Hubert to the US, Jase and Charlotte to the north of England (maybe in the next two years) and us (with the current uncertainty around our jobs). This will obviously make it more difficult for future family reunions.

Speaking of the job uncertainty, my Jase got some advice from other contracters at work and wants to get an additional qualification when he leaves his job. This should make it easier for him to start contracting himself. He feels that he wants to stay perhaps another year in London to get established, then we will be free to move on if we still want to leave London.

I've received an email from the Australian embassy inviting me to an interview with potential employers as part of their skilled migrant immigration programme. I am really quite excited and hope that there might be opportunity to Sydney, where we lived for a year. The interview is in 3 weeks' time, so I have to organise my documentation before then. I'm not sure what will come of it, but have realised that a lot of the things happening at the moment are beyond our control.

We're just going to see where this leads and go with the flow for now!

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