Monday, October 30, 2006

Cough, cough, cough

We are absolutely shattered. Lauren has kept us awake two nights on the trot with her coughing. I've also been coughing away too, so am partly to blame. Every time she coughs, she wakes herself up. Sometimes she makes herself sick with the coughing, poor girl.

She's sleeping in our room at the moment because of this. I was initially getting out of bed every hour to soothe her back to sleep but by 04:30 on Sunday morning I had had enough and had moved her into our room. Last night, despite sleeping in our room, the coughing still woke her up on a regular basis and she needed us to help her get back to sleep. At 05:00, after she'd been a bit sick, I moved her into bed with me and Jase retreated to the sofa.

At 07:50 this morning, I was aware of a hard object hitting me on the head, so had to wake up. Lauren had taken the remote control from the bedside table and was bashing me on the head with it. She obviously felt it was time for Mama to get up!

Obviously, I was not impressed. Thankfully, Suzanne and Peter are with us at the moment and were able to take over for a while and I got a little bit more sleep.

Lauren, Tedwina and Suzanne read "Country Living" together. Lauren and Tedwina are planning renovations...

Lauren enjoys reading with her grandparents!

She is fast asleep now, having a morning nap. Seems to sleep better during the day than at night unfortunately! Despite this lack of sleeping at night, Lauren remains as fresh as a daisy whilst the grown-ups are flagging.

Lauren and Dada play with Lauren's cart. Lauren has emptied everything out in order to get in. Is Dada looking for instructions?

Lauren loves being pushed around in her cart!

All this is not good for the old revision, sadly but it isn't the little girl's fault. Poor Lauren, poor Mama and poor Dada...

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