Saturday, October 07, 2006

Exam Blues

Thank goodness that written exam is over.

Unfortunately, it wasn't what any of us had expected. All the questions that people thought might come up didn't. It didn't resemble any of the practice papers any of us had done. I'd say that in the main, about 90% of the things I revised were useless. I had to dredge distant memory banks (and guess) to answer the questions.

We were tight for time. A few people did not finish the last few questions. At least I finished, so I feel a bit better for it.

Luckily, I did manage to avoid the post-mortem of the exam which is almost inevitable. I banned anyone on our table in the pub from talking about it afterwards, and I think it did us good not to mull over it (unlike the guys on the table behind us!).

I'm sorry that I didn't post earlier in the week (I read all your supportive comments - thank you to all of you who did this) but I felt uncomfortable reliving the exam so soon after it. It was really stressful, but I think I'm calm about it. After all, no point worrying about something you can't change.

Results don't come out until the end of November after the next parts of the exam, so I have a long time to contemplate my fate...


GF said...

Heya, don't contemplate your fate. There is nothing to contemplate as you don't know the result.

Yes you can consider what if I fail, or what if I pass, but it's expelling energy and creating stresses (especially on the fail-side) which could prove pointless.

End of November? Cool - did Jase remember to tell you that GK and I are coming to London the first weekend in December and want to meet up with you for lunch on the Sunday? Regardless of your result we can have a drink to catch up, say Hi and celebrate or commiserate together...

Rena said...

Hehe! Can't wait!!

Don't worry, not expending too much energy on it. Too much other stuff to do at the moment with other part of exam and job thingies...