Saturday, October 28, 2006

Leaving on a Jet Plane

My brother Hubert left the UK for the US yesterday for good. He's already sent his stuff on ahead and should have already arrived in Chicago.

Mum and dad were understandably really upset to see him go. They phoned up in the early evening to say that they were going to go out for dinner because they didn't want to go home just yet. Mum and dad normally went round to see Hube every weekend in Glasgow (or Hube would go to their house in Edinburgh) so I know they'll really miss him.

We'll all miss him too. I know he's going to miss not seeing in Lauren in particular because he's really fond of her. She'll be almost 2 years old when he next sees her (likely to be at my brother Jase wedding to Charlotte).

So for mum and dad, here's a picture of all of us at the Felix Bar in Hong Kong January 2005 (taken by our cousin Monica). The Felix was a really swanky bar on the top floor of the famous Peninsula Hotel. Really cool, but drinks required a small mortgage!

More photos of our Hong Kong trip are on our Flickr website. Enjoy!

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