Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Two days left

The written exam is on Thursday morning and my head is spinning with lists and lists of lists. I've no idea if any of it will stick, but I'm sure that blind panic is not helpful either. I can't feeling worried though.

Lauren has been really good today. I did worry after she woke up at 4:30am this morning, but luckily my mum got her back to sleep. She's been playing with Hube all afternoon. Later, we are going to take mum to the airport so that she can fly back to Scotland.

Tomorrow, the builders are coming back to sort out the bathroom floor. The grout between the floor tiles keeps cracking (I think because the tiles are on a wooden floor where there is movement) and they've been muttering about relaying it. Best to let them get on and do their worst! I'll probably be oblivious to it with some last minute revision anyway...


GF said...

Please don't get yourself stressed about exams, and one of the worst things you can do is study right up until the last minute - it does cause your brain to overheat (lol) and scramble all the knowledge that's in there.

Give yourself a night before deadline time and no matter how tempting, don't look at your notes, lists, etc. after the allotted time.

Good luck S,


James said...

He's right! A relaxing evenign and an early night with *no* revision is the key. Increased anxiety from working the night before - and panicking if it doesn't seem to be going in - is the worst possible negative when it comes to memory retrevial. I can guarantee that a refreshing nights sleep will do far more good than extra cramming (which won't help at all as it takes time for the short-term memory to settle in the hippocampus). I could even show you the studies if you wanted. ;-)

Btw, good luck tommorrow!!

GF said...

Hee-hee!! I feel clever given James' seal of approval.

Mind you I've read enough books on the subject from peoples such as Tony Buzan, so unless they were lying to me.... ;)

Jase said...

Can someone tell me how we can guarantee an early night and a good night's sleep, given that we have a one year old in the house?

Rena said...

LOL, only applies to me in this case!



GF said...

Well to guarantee a no 1year old interruptions you could palm her off out the house somewhere - obviously this is entirely impractical so perhaps Serena should be palmed off out the house?!?!