Friday, November 03, 2006


Lauren is really developing fast at the moment. Every day, she seems to learn new things.

Yesterday, she took four steps unaided towards me! I was very proud of her. Today, I was told that she's been walking unaided at nursery too. They're amazed at how strong she is, considering she's quite small. She's really gaining in confidence with her walking. She's even beginning to crawl up the stairs, although always when we're watching her. However, she is a cautious little girl (and believe me this is a good thing) and currently refuses to try going down the stairs.

She's also recently figured out telephones. She will hold a phone to her ear and say "Aaoo" whenever she can get hold of my mobile or any of our home phone handsets. She likes phones so much that Suzanne bought her a toy phone which has ring tones and plays music. Needless to say, she loves it.

She also loves copying people. She's copy your actions and any funny sounds you try to make. Some of her baby talk is also beginning to sound like proper words. She knows "Ebra" (Zebra), "Mama", "Baba" (Daddy), "MuiMui" (Milk), "Nene" (NoNo), "Aaoo", and "Djerk" (Cantonese for bird - she loves watching birdies!). We've also figured out a few baby words; "Gah!" means "Look"!

She continues to be really affectionate, coming for hugs and kisses on a regular basis every day. We are so lucky!

She will also hug and kiss her soft toy animals! She especially loves the two zebras (of course), the octopus, the two teddies and the big St Bernard puppy.

Strangely enough, she will also give kisses to her bunny nappy stacker (not sure why!)

I suppose he looks friendly enough...

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Charlotte said...

Are you kidding? I think he looks evil...a bunny ghost...?? no? ok. he's a cute fluffy bunny then.