Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Bad day

Poor Lauren has been unwell since Thursday night last week with this vomiting bug. She's finally beginning to turn the corner in my opinion. Although she's not got her appetite back (poor girl) she has not vomited today and has kept down all the food she ate. She's had lots of milk, which she wasn't able to manage before, so I am confident that she is on the mend.

However, I have felt really queasy all day, culminating in not being able to eat any dinner at all tonight. I am really upset because I may have caught Lauren's bug. This weekend, I am meant to be working on Saturday and we have friends (Gareth and Gillian) coming on Sunday.

I'm pretty gutted but at least I have not vomited (yet). I hope I'm better before Sunday.


Jase said...

Fortunately Serena felt better after a Gaviscon, however Lauren threw up again shortly after. Time to speak to the Paediatricians.

GF said...

Not half as much as I'm hoping you're feeling better by Sunday!!!

I hope you are on the mend, and Lauren too. Am I sure I want to come to a poorly house even if it has been well over a year since I saw you all properly?