Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Busy Weekend

I'm just recovering from working two 12 hour shifts this weekend. It was busy at work, so I'm pretty knackered (or "jiggered", as Jase always says!) . It's nice to be able to spend time with Lauren though, since I saw her for about 30 minutes in total the entire weekend, as she would be asleep when I got home after my shift.

She's having her afternoon nap just now, and I am contemplating the Christmas cooking I need to do. I love cooking at Christmas time, and whenever we are broke (like now) I like to make edible gifts for the family. When Lauren wakes up, I think I'll have to pop to the supermarket for some ingredients.

Daddy and Lauren seem to have had fun at the weekend in my absence. Lauren was initially full of the cold, so they didn't go out on Saturday but I've been told that there was a visit to see Uncle Jase, Auntie Charlotte and Rafferty on Sunday.

She loves climbing in and out of things at the moment. She especially likes to sit inside her cart and be pushed along. She was exploring some new storage baskets from Ikea this weekend.

She loves being mobile and really seems to enjoy walking about the house. Now that she knows how to walk, she doesn't crawl as much, but still reverts to crawling if she wants to get anywhere in a hurry. She even tries to run whilst pushing her cart!

She's also talking quite a lot now, but speaks to you in her own baby language (and then looks at you expecting you to understand). Having said that though, she does say some words in both English and in Cantonese that make sense: "boo" for book, "mil" for milk, "joi" for dummy (Cantonese), "jurk" for bird (Cantonese), "goo jah?" for what's that?, "da" for that. It's so much fun to watch how she changes week by week!

I also got news at the weekend that my friend Alison (who was my bridesmaid) has had a baby girl. We're thrilled for her and can't wait to hear how she and the baby are doing!

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