Wednesday, November 15, 2006

End of Exams!

The family went out on Saturday night for dinner at the Royal China in Bayswater to celebrate the end of exams. We had an absolutely amazing meal!

I don't know why, but the food on this occasion was particularly good. Our last meal there was good; this was exceptional.

We had deep fried oysters, fish, lobster, duck, tofu and a fantastic lamb hotpot. Everyone enjoyed it (as you can see from the photos).

Even Lauren tucked into the lobster, the fish and the tofu. She especially liked the noodles which came with the lobster (so did I).

It was a real shame that my brother Jase missed the meal (he is away in South Africa at the moment). I think he was quite gutted when Charlotte told him on the phone about the meal! However, as compensation, it sounds like he has had a really good time in South Africa. He got a personal tour of Nelson Mandela's House in Soweto.

I'm still waiting to hear how I did in the exam. Not sure if it will be this week or next; I just hope I did enough to pass. Just glad it's all over.

I've arranged with work to work some extra weekends because we're really broke at the moment (because I got paid less during my exams as I did no weekends on duty). It looks like I will have to work the next 4 weekends! I may not be able to blog as much as a result.

Now the exams are over, Jase and I are thinking of trying for another baby. I've had a chat with my work about the future, and they're prepared to pay my maternity leave as a consultant (as long as I get appointed in April) providing I go back to work for them afterwards for a period of time.

Fair enough.

Otherwise, we either face delaying having the next baby (not good because I am 34 next year!) or I face the prospect of no pay or very little pay during my maternity leave. Not good options, especially as we have a massive mortgage and the Bank of England interest rates have gone up to 5%!

So it looks like we will have to delay going to Australia until 2009. Jase is adamant that we do not leave it any later than that though. He doesn't want to disrupt Lauren in her schooling (which will happen if we leave it any later than that time) and I have to agree with him.

I'm sure that both our sets of families are happy about this, though I know that they understand that we will still eventually have to go. We haven't changed our minds - the plan is just on hold.

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