Friday, November 03, 2006

Fun with the Grandparents

I've been working hard this week and have been greatly helped by Peter and Suzanne being here to look after Lauren. They've had some real fun with Lauren over the last few days.

We all went out to eat last at at what is becoming one of our favourite haunts in Chiswick. The Pacific Bar and Grill in Chiswick is really child-friendly and serves great steaks. We were welcomed by a roaring fire and although it was bitterly cold outside, we were cosy once inside.

I had the fab calamari followed by the obligatory and lovely rib eye steak, which I shared with Jase. He had prawns for starter. Peter had the fillet steak, whilst Suzanne opted for fish. It all went down very well.

Lauren has a drink with Grandad, then goes to investigate Grandma's food...

Lauren was very well behaved and wanted hugs from everyone.

Lauren has hugs with Daddy.

Lauren had fishcake, butternut squash and some French fries followed by ice cream but didn't eat a huge amount because she was tired. She obviously did enjoy herself though!

I am reading yet more stuff today in a vain attempt to take in as much as possible before the exam. I'm very stressed and tired and just want the exam to be over now. I will be very happy come Thursday afternoon and the exam is over. Only two weeks to wait after that to get the results.

I'm hoping it will be a good Christmas and New Year, and not one spoilt by the need for more revision for resits!

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