Wednesday, November 29, 2006

The Great cake tasting session

It's been a real foodie weekend. On Friday (because my brother Jase was away in South Africa) I accompanied Charlotte to a food tasting event run by the company who are doing the wedding reception. They showcased some of their food (which was fabulous) and Charlotte had the opportunity to speak to the Chef who runs the company. It was enormous fun!

Then on Sunday, we invited Jase and Charlotte around to our house for the great cake tasting session. I've got the honour of baking their wedding cake, so we decided to have a fun tasting session to see the kind of fruit cake they would like. They had already discounted sponge cakes as Charlotte is not a fan of these.

I bought a standard fruit cake from the supermarket and made four little fruit cakes from different recipes that I had from various cookbooks and other sources. The house was filled with the wonderful aroma of Christmas cake all afternoon!

I can't believe that I even managed to find blindfolds to match their outfits!

A great time was had by all, and they managed to finally decide on cake A as their wedding cake. As it was also Charlotte's birthday, we had a big celebration meal in her honour - roast duck with stuffing and a jam roly poly for dessert. Unfortunately, I think they had too much Christmas / wedding cake and couldn't manage much!


GF said...

Was Cake A the one you bought or one of your own cooking? You never said....

GK said...

This looks like great fun!!

The meal you made sounds lovely but the roast we had on Sunday can't be beat. I wish I could cook like that!